Kettering Caledonian Society

The committee shall meet as required during the year to deal with all matters connected to the society.

The Hon. Treasurer shall keep the accounts of the society and be responsible for all monies. He/She shall prepare an annual statement of accounts to be presented to members at the A.G.M.

The A.G.M. meeting will be held as soon after 31st March each year, as soon as practicable.

An extraordinary general meeting can be called with the receipt of a written request signed by any 10 members.

Contributions from the society's funds may, at any time, be donated to charitable purposes by a majority committee vote.

Full payment required with any ticket request.

No refunds will be given after closing date for tickets.

Under any circumstance the society is not responsible to any person who is not punctual for any event or coach trip and no refunds will be given.

A coach may be substituted with a minibus if numbers warrant it.

Trips can be cancelled at short notice and the society is not liable.

Any meal ordered for the lunch club must be paid for even if unable to attend.

A member must have fully paid their subs, at the time of ordering their tickets, to qualify for any discount.