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Mrs. Mary Webster                                                     Mr. Alex Elmore                                           

                                                                                                                                                            01536 660874                                                            01536 618593








St Andrew's Night - Woolpack Inn, Islip - 7pm for 7.30pm 2019



2 - 6 December            Turkey & Tinsel -  Lytham St Anne's -

16 December               Christmas lunch - The Hare at Loddington-12.15pm

31 December               Hogmanay Party -Ritz Desborough - 7pm to 1am  




13 January - New Year party at the Eden Centre 12 noon - Return of the Ukulele Band

25 January - Burns Night at the Woolpack Inn, Islip - 7pm till late. 

                      Menu and pricing TBA

  Overnight accommodation available - please contact the Woolpack direct for details

10 February - Pub lunch - details TBA

9 March - Lunch club at the Eden Centre

24 March - Wicksteed Show - Tribute to Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons,

            £26pp - includes lunch and afternoon tea. Full payment on booking

            to Alex by 10 February at the very latest via BACS or cheque to A Elmore


20 April - Visit to Stowe House and garden, £38 or £27 for National Trust members

            Please contact Alex to book your place and make payment

11 May - AGM at the Eden Centre

8 June - Pub Lunch TBA

13 July - Trip to Stratford upon Avon, including boat trip etc

10 August - Eden Centre Lunch Club

14 September - Eden Centre Lunch Club

12 October - Pub Lunch TBA

9 November - Eden Centre Lunch Club with the return of Guest Speaker Bruce Keith

30 November - St Andrew's LUNCH - details TBA

Early December - Trip to Thursford Show, Norfolk - details TBA


Can we please ask if you are booking lunch at any of the above events, let Alex know at least 7 days prior to the date?  Makes his life a lot easier! Thank you.


If you have any articles you would like to share with Caledonian members- items of interest,  feedback regarding monthly meetings or outings, funny stories, a poem or two - please get in touch with Helen Neal on 07763 980840 or  Your 15 minutes of fame awaits!


Speaking of which, our very first contribution is from Margaret Scott - many thanks Margaret - keep them coming!




Don't worry, this isn't a lesson in Science.  It's about my problem with Gravity - either that or our house is the problem.


Why is it that when I lay something down, no matter what it is, it falls to the floor?  (That doesn't include crockery etc - I know that we don't have a ghost going around smashing things).  Mind you!!!!!! Only soft things such as towels, scarves, coats, cushions and any other soft items you can think of.


I hang a towel on the rail and it deliberately (I'm sure) lands on the floor. I can even put gloves or a scarf or anything at all on a stool and you can bet they will land on the floor.  They don't have far to go, do they?  So why bother?  Why not just stay where I put them?  Which makes me think there is a conspiracy going on somewhere.


I can't put the blame on good old Sir Isaac as I really don't know him that well, so I'll just have to take it all on myself to do something about it.  Doing something about it has it's good points though, as the bending up and down is good for my waistline.


I hope!


Thanks again Margaret.  I'm sure we can all identify with your problem!














On Monday 11 November our Lunch Club meeting was full of fun!  Yet another devious quiz from Alex kept us scratching our heads for quite a while, the winner achieving a score of 19 out of 20.  This was followed by Alex's non-winnable short quiz which, as it involves handing over money to the winner(s), needless to say nobody was successful!  One of these days, Alex, one of these days!


A tasty lunch of cottage pie (yes, I know I told you all on email what I had chosen!) or chilli was enjoyed by all, courtesy of Poppies restaurant across the road from the Eden Centre.  They helped us out magnificently last month when there was a diary malfunction on the part of the booked lunch suppliers.


Alex tried very hard to get us up for some Scottish country dancing and those of us who did really enjoyed ourselves, in spite of not remembering the steps!  Use it or lose it is what they say, isn't it?  Note to self: must pay attention next time I'm shown!




If you know of anyone who has been unwell and in hospital, please let one of the committee members know so that we can send a card.





Just a bit of fun from yours truly, Helen, as I don't profess to be an expert cook but I don't think I have poisoned or hospitalised anyone yet (or not to my knowledge!)





My version of Stovies:


Take a couple of onions (depends on how strong your digestion is), chop roughly and fry off in a little butter or oil (depends on how closely you are watching your waistline).  When a gorgeous golden colour add to the pot any amount you like of cubed meat.  My granny always used cheap cuts of mutton but I don't think butchers these days admit to selling mutton, it's always lamb innit?  If you don't like mutton, anything else will do I suppose, depends on your preference.  I think I remember chopped leeks and carrots going in at this stage, but my memory isn't what it was.  Then add about half a pint of stock.  For those of you who need to get a life I'm sure you boil up bones and stuff for a fortnight and make your own, but the rest of us just use stock cubes.  Simmer away until the meat is soft enough to be chewed without breaking dentures or removing fillings. Probably around three hours so keep checking the moisture level.  I'm very good at Tarmac pans - just ask my husband - thank goodness for Black & Decker wire brush attachments!  For the Keith Floyd fans amongst us you could add a cheeky glass of wine if you have any left over (LEFT OVER WINE? No such thing!) towards the end of cooking. Serve with mashed spuds and any veg you feel like preparing.  I've usually lost interest by now and fling some frozen peas in the steamer (see, I can cook healthy) for a few minutes.  Open a bottle of wine or beer and enjoy!






Mary Webster             President & Treasurer                         01536 660874

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Alex Elmore                Secretary                                             07531 615522


Marion Elmore            Membership Secretary                        07805 864404


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